• Manage and track an unlimited number of inventory and non-inventory items with instant retrieval
  • Track on-hand stock levels in multiple warehouses and vehicles. (not available in Wintac Green)
  • Track pricing from an unlimited number of vendors for each inventory item
  • For each inventory item, you can set three-column pricing and customer-specific prices
  • Assign and track serial numbers for any inventory items. (not available in Wintac Green)
  • Assign custom markup and discount percentages for any item
  • Globally adjust and update pricing information based on user-definable criteria
  • Track average inventory cost valuation for each inventory item
  • Automatically generate vendor purchase orders based on minimum and optimal stock levels
  • Automatically generate vendor purchase orders based on vehicle usage. (not available in Wintac Green)
  • Automatically generate multiple vendor purchase orders for job fulfillment
  • Print inventory management and reorder reports, field price lists, and parts labels
  • Attach an unlimited number of pictures, documents, and spreadsheets to any inventory item
  • Import inventory and update pricing from Excel® spreadsheets, Tra-Ser® pricing system, and other formats
  • Built-in support for inventory barcode scanning and label printing
  • Wintac's inventory management features give you high-end capabilities with unparalleled ease of use

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