Scheduling, Dispatching, and Work Order Management

Field Service Scheduling and Dispatching

  • Schedule, dispatch, route, search, and sort jobs using the powerful multi-view Job Control Center.
  • Instantly toggle between monthly, weekly, daily, and all-inclusive views of your jobs.
  • Instant point & click drill-down to job and work order details.
  • •Effortlessly drag & drop jobs in the dispatch board to assign and re-assign technicians and crews.
  • Customize the boards with modifiable layouts, user-defined color-coded statuses, and more.
  • Schedule and track jobs from initial call to dispatch and completion all from one central location.
  • Schedule jobs spanning multiple days with a single work order. Schedule multi-stage applications.
  • Schedule jobs and assign service people based on company division.
  • Automatically assign optimal service person based on job location.
  • Instantly update job statuses and re-schedule jobs as needed.
  • Automatically time-stamp job arrival and completion times for your service people.
  • Create service agreements and automatically schedule recurring service and preventive maintenance
  • Support for simple to complex recurring schedules to handle virtually every type of job and customer.
  • Support for multiple technicians per job and multi-person crew assignments.
  • Simply click on an open slot for a service person to automatically create a new work order.
  • Automatically identify and locate existing customers with optional Caller ID support.
  • Dispatch service calls and send job schedules via two-way wireless messaging between office and field.
  • •Electronically capture and print signatures on work orders, proposals, and invoices via tablet computers.
  • •Generate work orders, job schedules, site directions, and routing sheets for your service people.
  • Automatically generate work orders based on service requests entered by customers on your website.
  • Street mapping and route optimization via Microsoft MapPoint®. (purchased separately)
  • Built-in support for obtaining job directions via free Google Maps®.
  • Built-in links to Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for vehicle monitoring. (call for GPS vendors supported)
  • •Built-in link to TomTom WEBFLEET for advanced fleet management. (purchased separately)
  • Optionally export job schedules to MS Outlook® calendar.
  • Simply the most powerful, most versatile, and easiest-to-use scheduling and dispatching system ever designed!

Work History Tracking

  • Track unlimited work history of all jobs and service for each of your customers, job sites, and properties.
  • Instantly drill down to the original work order or invoice directly from the history view - with a single mouse click.
  • Data from work orders and invoices automatically flows to work history - with no redundant data entry.
  • With Wintac, detailed work history for any customer, job site, property, and job is always at your fingertips.

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