Secure & Reliable Payment Processing with Wintac and XCharge

XCharge offers the ability to process credit card payments with Wintac more efficiently. 

So what's the Big Deal About Integrated Payments?

Accepting payments with XCharge provides a number of benefits to your business including speed, accuracy and security. Below are the steps necessary to process a payment in Wintac when using using the XCharge integrated solution compared to the steps using your current non-integrated solution.

Process a Payment in Wintac with the XCharge Integrated Solution:
  1. Pull up the customer in Wintac and add the transaction amount in the "Payment Screen"
  2. Click Credit Card and swipe or enter the card info
  3. In seconds the transaction is approved. The invoice prints with the receipt data all on one page and the transaction information is automatically posted in Wintac.
Process a Payment in Wintac with your Current Non-Integrated Solution:
  1. Pull up the customer account in Wintac and locate the transaction data
  2. Print an Invoice for the transaction
  3. Input transaction data to your credit card terminal
  4. Print the transaction receipt and staple it to the invoice
  5. Return to Wintac and input the transaction amounts
  6. At the end of the business day compare the ledger from your credit card terminal to the sales amounts from Wintac and hope everything lines up
  7. If everything does not line up, locate the mistake and correct them. A very time-consuming process

XCharge allows you to process credit card payments right from your Wintac receipts window. This significantly reduces manual and routine paperwork, so employees will be able to work more efficiently and effectively.

Integrating XCharge with your Wintac Software allows you to:

  • Secure all your Credit Card transactions. XCharge is PCI compliant—ensuring safe, secure processing
  • Support all Major Credit Cards
  • Authorize payments in under 5 seconds
  • Improve efficiency of office staff with one-step payment processing
  • Cancel your contract at any time with no termination fees
  • Streamline your daily and monthly reconciliation process
  • Reduce errors and fraud by eliminating double entries
  • Get competitive rates
  • Store customer card numbers for recurring payments
  • Limit costly dedicated telephone lines by using any networked computer as a payment processing station for your business

What are you waiting for?

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